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Bookcase: Ways to Win & Fun Food

Tuesday September 30, 2008
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WIN Without Competing! Career Success the RIGHT FIT Way by Arlene R. Barro, PhD

WIN Without Competing! is more than a self-help book; it’s a clear path to personal and professional success. Barro, an educational psychologist, consultant, and career coach, believes in the Right Fit Method, a strategic, creative, one-of-a-kind system that works.

The author’s method of success eliminates competition by allowing candidates to develop and focus on their own personal goals, which in turn leads them to finding the perfect match. “Never discuss why you’re the best person for the job,” Barro says. “Instead concentrate on matching your skills and training with the company’s needs.”

This unique, innovative book, full of practical advice and recruiting tips, is written in easy-to-follow text with bulleted sidebars. The pages are filled with personal stories of people who have succeeded using Barro’s Right Fit Method, including Patti Rager, RN, MSN, MBA, whose career journey from hospital nurse to chairwoman of Nursing Spectrum can’t help but inspire and empower nurses everywhere. WIN Without Competing, which was nominated for an 800-CEO-READ Business Book Award in 2007, is a “must read” for employers, employees, entrepreneurs, and anyone in the market for a new job or career.

Capital Books, Inc.
$17.95 (paperback)

Crunching Carrots, NOT Candy: A Fun Nutritional Picture Book for Kids/Bataneando Zanahorias, No Dulces, Written and Illustrated by Judy Slack

Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic, affecting both boys and girls of all age, racial, and ethnic groups throughout the United States. The desire to write a children’s nutritional picture book came to Slack, a teacher, author, and artist, after witnessing the appalling eating habits of our youth in public schools.

This colorful and engaging bilingual tool presents clear and simple information for children, parents, and schools. It’s a wealth of knowledge for readers who don’t understand the concept of calories, good fats versus bad fats, the difference between a serving and a portion of food, or how to read nutrition labels.

Crunching Carrots is a great resource for any nurse who teaches children and their families about the importance of good nutrition.

Gowans Printing Company
$17.95 (paperback)

Terry Ratner, RN, MFA, is a freelance writer. E-mail Bookcase@nurseweek.com.