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Completing my CEUs didn't restore my license. What else is needed?

Monday August 13, 2012
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Dear Nancy,

I am going through a restoration appeal for my LPN. To restore the license, I was required to take some courses. I finished the coursework, but my license was revoked, despite the completed CEUs. What else should I do?


Dear Nancy replies:

Dear Belinda,

Your question is not responded to easily because it is not known what the board's guidelines were in terms of the type and number of CEUs you were required to complete. I expect the CEUs would pertain to your nursing practice and the reasons for your suspension, but this is something that would require a careful reading of the initial suspension order.

If you complied with the board's mandates, it is quite possible your license would have been restored. There may be a period of probation attached to the restored license. This is a common condition of a restored license so the board can monitor the nurse licensee for a period of time to ensure his or her practice is in conformity with the nurse practice act and rules.

It is hoped that you have legal representation in this restoration process. If not, retain a nurse attorney or attorney who practices in professional discipline law who can help you with the successful restoration of your license.


Nancy J. Brent, RN, MS, JD, is an attorney in private practice in Wilmette, Ill. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as legal or any other advice. The reader is encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney or other professional when an opinion is needed.