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I have a number of years experience in home healthcare but would like to find a specialty where I don't have to leave my home. Any suggestions?

Thursday December 6, 2012
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Dear Donna,

I am a nurse with a BSN. I am introverted and overall don't like people. I have a number of years of experience in home care and am working as an RN case manager for a certified home health agency. I would like to be self-employed, and doing something like geriatric care management would almost be a natural fit. I would be willing to make phone calls, organize a care plan or chart — but I don't want to leave my home, and would like to make a decent salary. Is it possible to do telephonic case management? I have done well in this specialty and enjoyed doing it. Or is there something else you can suggest that might be a good fit for me?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Introvert,

The great thing about nursing is there is something for everyone at every stage of his or her life and career. There are definitely opportunities for you to do case management from home. Since you already have experience doing that and enjoy it, it sounds like a perfect fit. These opportunities exist primarily with insurance companies and private case management companies. You can find both by doing an Internet search and contacting these companies directly. Since case management is a very broad and diverse specialty, you'll have plenty of potential options and directions to go in (e.g. workers comp).

You don't mention if you belong to the Case Management Society of America (cmsa.org), but even if you do not, find a chapter and attend local meetings as a guest. Even though you don't want to leave home, doing so while job hunting will facilitate the process. Also, you can contact officers and members of CMSA to network with, but face-to-face networking is the best and most effective way. Networking is a good way to find the good companies to work for and establish contacts there.

Best wishes,

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