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What are the best options for nursing phone or Internet work that I can do abroad?

Tuesday April 30, 2013
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Dear Donna,

I am an RN with three years of clinical experience. I need four credits to complete my BSN and one year for my MSN. I am relocating out of the country to the Caribbean, where I will not be able to get a license or work permit. What are the best options for nursing phone or Internet work that I can do abroad?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Relocating,

You would be able to do writing and research. You could work as a freelance writer, writing health-related articles for nursing, medical and consumer magazines, newsletters and websites. You also can do freelance research work, mostly computer work and writing, for universities and even individual healthcare or nursing scholars, educators or speakers. You might even be able to do some ghost writing. There's lots of information available about breaking into the freelance writing market online, in the public library and in bookstores. Here's an article, with listed resources, you may find helpful: “Develop the writer in you” (www.Nurse.com/Cardillo/Writer).

Hopefully, you will continue your education online while abroad. I recommend that you remain a member of (or join, if not already a member) the American Nurses Association (www.nursingworld.org). This will keep you connected to your profession and up-to-date on issues and trends.

I also would look into doing some health teaching, even as a volunteer if you can’t get a work permit. You'll have to investigate the permissibility and liability issues associated with that in your new area. I also wonder if you would be able to provide care as an American nurse if affiliated with a U.S. charity that provides humanitarian medical care in the Caribbean. It wouldn’t be paid work, but it would be a way to work as a nurse with a U.S. license and could be an incredible experience for you, imagine the good you could do.

Best wishes,

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