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Is it foolish to let my CNM insurance lapse while taking a break from working before I begin to look for a different type of work or retire?

Tuesday December 3, 2013
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Dear Donna,

I am a nurse-midwife and thinking of taking off six months before I look for something different or maybe even retire as I am 58 years old. I am hesitant to lose my malpractice insurance as a CNM because it would be cost prohibitive to resurrect it. Is it foolish to let it lapse and try to find work as a nurse when and if I am ready to go back to work?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Nurse-midwife,

It sounds like you are in a transitional stage and clearly ready to make some changes. Many women your age find themselves in the same position of wanting to leave one thing behind and get a new start with something different or related. Sometimes we have to let go of something before we can figure out your next move.

It certainly isn't foolish to let your insurance lapse if and when you are ready to move in a new direction. You wouldn't be the first advanced practice nurse to leave her/his APN
credentials/role behind.

Stepping away from work for a time is a great way to gain clarity, regain equilibrium and become reacquainted with yourself — the self you are now at this stage of your life.

We often get so caught up in work and life responsibilities we lose our sense of self. Things change in our life (including our age and situation), and we need to create a new identity, a new path or new goals. If you can, do some traveling or other activities that pull you away from your everyday life. It is very helpful when in a transitional phase to shift your perspective and see life in a whole new way.

While it is always scary to take that leap of faith (take time off, make a change, etc.), let your gut and your heart lead you. Trust your instincts and intuition. Go where the path is leading you or create a new path. You don't have to know what your final destination will be, but you do have to start the journey one step at a time. Remember, there are no wrong decisions, only different experiences.

Best wishes,


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