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How does an RN, who wants pursue further education, find contact information for a now-closed diploma school?

Thursday January 9, 2014
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Dear Donna,

I graduated in 1986 as an RN and have a diploma, but am running into a problem finding someone from my former school, which has since closed, to convert my hours into semester hours so I can pursue a BSN. I have worked as an RN for 28 years. Do you have any suggestions?

Wants to Get Her BSN,

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants to Get Her BSN,

Check with the state board of nursing where your school was located. Tell them what the situation is and see if they have any contacts/resources/support for you. You're obviously not the only one from that school facing this problem.

Try to find former instructors or administrators who worked at that school and see if they can help you get the information you need. Find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, by doing an Internet search or asking your former classmates or current associates if they know any of these individuals. Also search for former classmates who may have pursued higher education to see how they got around this issue. I doubt you're the first from your class who has pursued higher education.

You also can contact a nurse attorney to help you get this issue resolved either with the former school or with a school you wish to attend if you want to take that step. If you can find others from your diploma program facing the same challenge, you may be able to hire a nurse attorney as a group and share the fees. Where there is a will there is always a way. Persistence and determination will win out in the end.

Best wishes,


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