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Who offers courses for IV medication administration certification for LPNs?

Tuesday November 16, 2010
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Dear Donna,

I work in an outpatient surgery center in Florida. One of our preoperative nurses is an excellent LPN, but her services could be utilized in other areas such as post-anesthesia care, pain management and gastrointestinal care if she could push IV meds. Who offers courses for IV medication administration certification for LPNs?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Susan,

Presuming LPNs can give IV push meds in Florida based on their scope of practice, the National Federation of LPNs offers IV Therapy and Gerontology Certification (www.nflpn.org/certification.html). I would suggest that you also contact the Florida chapter of the NFLPN (www.nflpn.org/stateOrg.html) for additional local resources and clarification of the LPN nurse practice act in your state.

Best wishes,

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