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ANA, Others Issue Report on Ideal Features of Food Systems

Thursday December 16, 2010
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The American Nurses Association was part of a coalition that released a paper on improving the health and sustainability of the food system from local to global levels.

The effort involved collaboration from national leaders in nursing, nutrition, planning and public health. Other organizations that took part were the American Dietetic Association, American Planning Association and American Public Health Association.

In “Principles of a Healthy, Sustainable Food System,” the coalition listed various features that should apply to all food systems.

Food systems should be health-promoting by supporting the physical and mental health of all farmers, workers and eaters, according to the report. They should account for the effect on public health of the entire life cycle of food production, processing, packaging, labeling, distribution, marketing, consumption and disposal.

Food systems also should be sustainable, resilient, diverse, fair, economically balanced and transparent. To see the details of each of those recommendations, visit http://www.planning.org/nationalcenters/health/foodprinciples.htm.

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