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Johns Hopkins DNP student to develop pilot study to confront obesity

Monday April 22, 2013
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At the Community Health Center Inc. in New Britain, Conn., Amber Richert, RN, MSN, a DNP student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in Baltimore, hopes to develop a plan of action and education that would remove hurdles that cause so many anti-obesity efforts to fail, according to a news release.

"The patients are really complex," Richert said of the people who visit her clinical site, a Federally Qualified Health Center. They might work multiple jobs or be on state assistance. They might have limited transportation options and little access to fruits and vegetables.

So, according to the release, the idea is to educate, counsel, encourage and treat obese, low-income, urban patients where they live, respectfully, and to do it without increasing the workload of a healthcare staff or requiring vast expertise in obesity management. Building on work she did as an MSN student at JHUSON, Richert is developing a pilot study that would offer patients several weeks of intervention (education and counseling on diet and exercise and self-monitoring) followed by weeks of maintenance with the clinic checking in. According to the release, sheís hoping to find a program thatís sustainable for those who canít get to the clinic as well as those who can.

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