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CDC report presents nationwide health portrait

Tuesday May 21, 2013
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A new report from the CDC examines the prevalence of healthy and unhealthy behaviors among adults living in the United States.

The report comprises five broad categories: alcohol use, cigarette smoking, leisure-time physical activity, body mass index and sleep. It breaks down the rate of these behaviors by demographics including race, education, poverty status, marital status, geographic region and place of residence.

According to the data, 20.2% of U.S. adults were smokers in 2008-10, with 58.6% saying they never had smoked cigarettes. Of smokers, 45.8% had attempted to quit during the past year.

And 46.1% of adults met the federal guidelines for aerobic physical activity, while 23% met the guidelines for muscle-strengthening physical activity; 62.1% of adults were overweight or obese, with 36.1% of healthy weight; and 68.7% met the Healthy People 2020 objective for sufficient sleep.

Regarding alcohol consumption, 64.9% of U.S. adults were current drinkers in 2008-10, with 20.9% describing themselves as lifetime abstainers.

Data came from the 2008-10 National Health Interview Survey, conducted by the CDCís National Center for Health Statistics. The survey included 76,669 completed interviews of U.S. adults.

Read a PDF of the report: www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/series/sr_10/sr10_257.pdf.

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