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Gun violence

Wednesday July 10, 2013
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In regards to the April 8 article ďGun violence: Another public health issue?Ē (www.Nurse.com/Article/Gun-Violence), as an RN who was formerly a deputy sheriff and town policeman, let me assure you we nurses have absolutely no business getting involved with any firearms questions.

There are so many varied factors in weaponry and the use thereof that any comments or activities by laymen, most especially the many RNs Iíve worked with in the last 14 years, are simply the blind counseling the blind. We donít know what we donít know, and take it from someone who has lived in both camps, what nurses donít know about weaponry would fill an encyclopedia. But, of course, not knowing spit about something never stops us humans from loudly proclaiming our opinion.

ó William Keith Carter, RN, BS
Algonquin, Ill.