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Letter: Safety culture

Monday January 13, 2014
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In response to the article “Emphasis on safety culture makes big difference to hospitals” (www.Nurse.com/article/Hospital-Safety-Culture), I am an ICU nurse and have shared this in my hospital with nurse leaders to further strengthen our position on promoting a culture of safety.

In a busy environment, everyone must be meticulously mindful of the culture of safety. It is important to recognize that factors such as skill mix, staff turnover and workload intensity all demonstrate strong associations with safety culture.

According to a report, "Safety culture in healthcare: the $13 billion case," in the October 2013 issue of the journal Professional Safety, essential elements to the safety culture include organization-wide commitment to safety; visibility and transparency; ongoing learning as a key prevention tool; a focus on leading indicators and early reporting of safety and health risks; continuous communication; recognition and rewards; eliminating fear of reprisal for reporting; and commitment to continuous improvement.

As an RN for twenty years now, I want to thank you and your magazine for continued support with articles such as this.

— Debbie Slack, RN, BSN

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