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Decriminalizing marijuana

Monday March 10, 2014
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Regarding the Feb. 6 online article "Decriminalizing marijuana might send more kids to ED" (www.Nurse.com/Article/Decriminalizing-Marijuana), initially when I’d read the title to this article I expected to read a bizarre story that must have been written as a space filler. When I began reading it I realized that this is a concern that is very important.

As a parent I think of the instinctual need to protect my children; as a nurse I think of my learned need to protect my clients/patients. Children especially are vulnerable and need protection from things that are out of their hands and control. With the legalization of marijuana in some states, consideration should be taken for the welfare of the children.

Whenever there is a new product, be it a drug, a toy,or even food that poses a threat to anyone, warning labels are attached to them. What changes the requirements of providing warning in this situation? Just like cigarettes and hot cups of coffee have warning labels on them, so should these edible byproducts of marijuana.

A legislative movement should be underway to address this issue. As nurses lets join forces and begin a movement to help the welfare of our children.

— Adelmis Grano De Oro, RN
New York City