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Nurse.com receives 2014 APEX Award for third consecutive year

Wednesday June 25, 2014
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The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence honored Nurse.com with a 2014 award in the Regular Departments & Columns category for its End of Shift column. Recognizing excellence in publishing, this award honors the individual contributions of RNs who share their first-person stories from the bedside. Published submissions, which are edited by our national editor, tend to be audience favorites and routinely spark interaction on social media and in letters to the editor.

“These End of Shift stories resonate with our nursing audience and often bring them and our staff to tears,” said Heather Cygan, vice president of news and managing editor. “I am proud that my staff and the RNs who write these stories have been recognized for sharing personal tales from the bedside that offer valuable lessons and insight.”

This is the third consecutive year Nurse.com has received an APEX Award for Publication Excellence; it is Nurse.com’s fourth APEX Award since 2004.

“This recognition is particularly poignant because the End of Shift column is written by members of GHG's nurse audience,” said Melyni Serpa, Nurse.com president and CEO. “A popular read in print and digital, the column provides a vehicle for nurses to tell their own stories of patient care and nursing. Published submissions tend to be audience favorites, and they routinely spark interaction on social media and in letters to the editor. Nurse.com is proud to receive this award and to continue to be a voice for nurses across the U.S.”

End of Shift was represented in the awards program by registered nurses Jill Wall, Mary Clare McNamee and Maria Tessinari.

Nationally published in Nurse.com’s magazines were Tessinari’s Jan. 28, 2013, “Dying Patient Invigorated by Children’s Visit” article (http://news.nurse.com/article/20130128/EOS1/101280015#.U6NVDbGwXBO), McNamee’s Feb. 25, 2013, “Long-Term Care Nurse Finds Ways to Reach Challenging Clients” article (http://news.nurse.com/article/20130225/EOS1/102250032#.U6NU_7GwXBN) and Wall’s Nov. 11, 2013, “RN’s Daughter Provides Valuable Nursing Lessons” article (http://news.nurse.com/article/20131111/EOS1/111110020#.U6NU6rGwXBN).

Beginning in July, a special collection of End of Shift stories will be published each quarter on our tablet app, Nurse.com Unbound. View the collection at Nurse.com/App.

For more End of Shift stories, visit Nurse.com/EOS. To learn more about the APEX Awards, visit ApexAwards.com.

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