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Boston RN researcher receives AACN grant


Jean Anne Connor, RN, DNSc, CPNP, director of nursing research in the cardiovascular and critical care program at Children’s Hospital Boston, was awarded $50,000 Impact Research Grant by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses and is to be inducted into AACN’s Circle of Excellence Society

Connor and her team plan to use the AACN grant to conduct a 12-month pilot study of how children’s hospitals measure the quality of care provided by cardiovascular nurses. This data is necessary to identify performance indicators specific to pediatric nursing.

Connor is involved in about 30 studies, currently, she said. She first became interested in research as a clinician at Stony Brook (N.Y.) University’s Medical Center .

“As a cardiac nurse practitioner, I realized other people were just as expert as I was clinically, but there weren’t a lot of people who knew how to do research,” Connor said.

She earned her doctorate in nursing science at Columbia University, then was accepted into a competitive two-year research fellowship through Harvard University at Boston Children’s.

“When I applied, I got a call back right away. What was interesting to them was that I was a nurse. They had never had a nurse in their program; they had never had a nurse apply,” Connor said.

Connor plans to continue generating momentum for nursing research. “We present ourselves as a very strong partner because of our front-line exposure to patients, more than any other profession,” she said. “There are so many gaps to be filled in the science of why we do so many things in healthcare.” •


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