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Most nurses use personal smartphones on the job


About seven in 10 nurses in a survey said they use personal smartphones while on the job, but hospital information technology departments typically are not willing to support their devices on the hospital’s network.

The Spyglass Consulting Group survey ( showed significant trends in hospital nurses’ use of mobile solutions at point of care to streamline productivity, enhance patient safety and reduce the risk of medical errors.

Of nurses contacted for the survey, 69% said they use their personal smartphones while on the job for personal and clinical communications. Smartphones fill in critical communication gaps with existing technologies provided by hospital IT, which nurses find are difficult to use and have limited functionality.

“Hospital IT is concerned that personal devices on the hospital’s network pose a significant security threat to patient health information stored on the device or the network,” Gregg Malkary, managing director of Spyglass Consulting Group, said in a news release. “Supporting nursing ‘Bring Your Own Device’ initiatives would require hospital IT to define comprehensive mobile governance strategies and to deploy enterprise-class tools to centrally monitor, manage and protect mobile devices, apps and data.”

The survey included more than 100 in-depth interviews with nurses working in acute care environments nationwide. Of those surveyed, 96% did not think first-generation tablet PCs were the right device to support bedside nursing, and that the iPad also would not be successful because of issues related to durability, infection control, limited data and lack of native applications.

And 25% of respondents were dissatisfied with the quality and reliability of the wireless network in their facilities. Hospital IT must provide a more reliable and scalable wireless infrastructure to support an increasing number of wireless users, devices and applications required at point of care, according to the report.


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