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Breast-feeding support


While I don’t believe in controlling new moms’ choices, offering breast-feeding as the normal and expected way to feed a newborn isn’t wrong. (“NYC initiative backs breast milk”,

In her Oct. 8 letter to the editor, Arianna Freyre. RN, BSN, exposes why we, as a culture, have such dismal breast-feeding rates — horrible misinformation.
There is NO special diet required of breast-feeding moms. The truth is, mom could eat nothing but fast food all the time and it would be SHE who suffers, not her baby. I was formula fed, and I have no issue with moms making an informed decision to formula feed. We talk so much about evidence-based practice today in nursing. Breast-feeding is the most evidence-based practice we, as nurses, can support.

— Kerri Akers, RNC, BSN
Annandale, N.J.


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