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Sleeping with angels


Just want to thank you so much for your March 25 article titled “Sleep with the angels” ( Susan, you are doing wonderful work. I am both an RN and a mother of a baby girl sleeping with the angels. I can say that our family’s experience in the hospital during those very dark hours was very caring and supportive and helped us with our healing process and gaining closure. It sounds like you were a healing presence for that first family and every family since. You are a blessing and an inspiration. I, too, am pursuing bereavement training and hope to help others as you are doing. Thank you, again!

— Kirsten Hill, RN
Woodstock, Ill.

The article concerning a family’s loss of a beautiful baby boy was wonderfully touching. I experienced the stillbirth of my firstborn son almost 22 years ago. Sadly, only one RN seemed to know what to do. I suspect common sense in conjunction with personal experiences guided her. Upon change of shift, the night nurse came to me while my family took a break. I was alone and still in shock when I was asked “how would you like to dispose of the baby?” I wonder if the RNs today also are trained on how to handle this delicate topic. I will never forget those indifferent, uncaring words. Those words added more despair to an almost unbearable situation.

— Carol Mosley-Sessomes
Clarksville, Md.


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