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Is there an association or network to join for nurses who want to be part of medical device team but not sell products?



Dear Donna,

I want to break into medical device industry. For nurses who want to be part of medical device team but not eager to sell products, also known as clinical sales specialist, is there an association or network
to join?

Interested in the Medical Device Industry

Dear Donna Replies:

Dear Interested in the Medical Device Industry,

There is no professional association that I know of for this specialty but there are several related groups on the social networking site LinkedIn.

Search there for related topics and see what comes up. Linkedin is a great way/place to network in general. If you don’t have a Linkedin account/profile yet, it’s time to set up one.

If you’d like to do more face-to-face networking, which is the most powerful form of networking, seek out local chapters of medical sales associations — if any exist — in your area. Even if you don’t want to sell per se, these people all travel in the same circles and work together. But be forewarned, some entities that call themselves “associations” or use a web address that ends in .org are nothing more than a company selling education and certification that you probably don’t even need.

Be sure to attend nursing and healthcare conferences too. Many of the medical device companies exhibit at these events and you would have the opportunity to make personal contacts with
company insiders.

You might want to tune into my free webinar “Networking for Nurses: Is it Important?” here at on Tuesday, Sept. 24 7 pm EDT:

Best wishes,


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