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Does an RN need to work a minimum number of hours a year to maintain his or her nursing license?



Dear Donna,

Does an RN need to work a minimum number of hours in a year to maintain her nursing license?

Needs to Maintain Her License

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Needs to Maintain Her License,

Each state has differing regulations and requirements. Some states only require that you pay the fee to renew. Others also have continuing education requirements during the licensure period. Some still require that nurses work a certain number of hours in nursing to keep their license active. What constitutes nursing hours, though, is open to interpretation in some states. In the latter situation, a nurse’s license may become “inactive” if she doesn’t meet the hours worked requirement and then can be activated at a later date by meeting certain requirements such as taking an RN refresher course.

You need to know what is required by the state that issued your license. You can find that information by checking your state board of nursing website. Find your BON by visiting: ( Look in the “Licensure” section. If you can’t find the information you need, call and/or e-mail your BON.

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