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After two warnings, I have appealed to the grievance department. Should I wait for their decision or look for another job?



Dear Nancy,

I received a verbal warning for a medication error and a final warning for a missed medication. There is no documented proof of these warnings. I have appealed to the grievance department in the hospital and am awaiting their decision. Should I continue working here or look for a different job?


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Maxine,

It is difficult to respond to your question since you did not include many details. However, it can be said that if you believed the final warning you received was unfair and not documented, you did the right thing by grieving the warning through the employer’s grievance policy.

Most policies have time frames within which each party must respond, so it is unclear where you are in the process. Since you started the grievance, you might want to “wait it out” and see what the results are as it may be the decision will be in your favor.

Your question about seeking a new job is one for you to seriously consider. It appears as though you are not contesting the first warning. But, if the second warning is one you think is being done to set you up or to get you to leave, then you have to heed those concerns. Keep in mind, though, that all facilities have policies and procedures for medication administration, so wherever you go you will need to adhere to those protocols.

In the interim, if you think that medication administration is one of your weaker skills, take a CE course on this topic to help hone your skills and prevent any future problems.



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