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Do you have any advice to share with school nurses who want to approach administration about moving RNs from hourly to salaried employees?



Dear Donna,

I am a school nurse at a private school. We have approached our administration requesting we be moved from hourly to salary. It appears that our state law supports RNs in salaried positions under the professional exemption. I would like to see if you have any information on this to assist us as we pursue this with our school administration.

Wants to be Salaried

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants to be Salaried,

This is a complex issue, one that goes beyond the scope of the advice/information I can offer in this forum. I would suggest that you consult a nurse attorney in your geographic area for advice, information and support. A nurse attorney is uniquely qualified to interpret the law along with nursing workplace/practice issues.

Find a nurse attorney by asking around, through a referral from your state chapter of the American Nurses Association ( and/or the National Association of School Nurses ( You can do so whether or not you are a member of either. You can also get a referral through The American Association of Nurse Attorneys ( You might also consult your state chapter of NASN for advice and information specific to your work state.

If you need to do further research on the topic to build a case, you can ask the research librarian in your local public library to help. This service is free, in most, if not all cases.

Best wishes,


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