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Would most physician’s offices require hospital experience? What is the role of an RN in a physician’s office?



What is the role of an RN inside a physician’s office? I ask because I saw an ad where the doctor was hiring an RN, but required they have a BSN, APN and CMA. Would most doctor’s offices require hospital experience? I know the CMA performs many tasks so I don’t know the purpose having both an RN and APN inside of the doctor’s office.

Wondering What RNs Do In A Medical Office

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wondering What RNs Do In A Medical Office,

The role of an RN in a physician’s office is varied depending on the size of the practice, the services offered, the specialty and so on. Hospital experience is generally not required but every employee
is different.

The best way to find out what is involved is to pick up the phone, respond to the ad and try to land an interview. During the interview, you can find out what the job entails and what each person’s role is. Don’t ask too many questions on the phone. Get a foot in the door with an interview so you can see the office, meet the people and get more information. That will tell you a lot and then, and only then, will you get a sense if this position is right for you. Sitting at home and wondering won’t get
you anywhere.

In terms of what RNs vs. NPs do in a medical office, they have very different roles. NPs provide primary care while RNs provide a whole host of other services, again, depending on the practice.

Best wishes,


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