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Orlando Health Heart Institute uses vacuum technology to remove blood clots in the heart


Orlando Health Heart Institute is first in Central Florida to use the AngioVac system, a minimally invasive alternative to open heart surgery, according to a news release.

Instead of making a chest incision for open heart surgery, cardiovascular surgeons can use a new vacuum-like tool to remove potentially deadly, large clots that lodge in patients’ hearts.

Orlando Health Heart Institute is the first in Central Florida to offer the advanced technology, with Jeffrey Bott, MD, who practices at the institute, performing the procedure for the first time in January.

The clot removal system, AngioVac, by AngioDynamics, includes a small tube that is inserted in the neck and/or groin to access the blood vessels with the clot. The end of the tube has a funnel-shaped tip with an expandable balloon that vacuums out the clot and traps it in a container. Once the clot is removed, the blood is filtered before it is returned to the patient’s body.

Less invasive than traditional open heart surgery, AngioVac is considered game-changing technology in removing dangerous blood clots.

Before AngioVac, treatment for some patients may have included more invasive open heart surgery to remove the clots, while others may have been treated with medications like blood thinners, according to the news release.


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