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How can an experienced nurse find a job with more flexibility, perhaps even working from home?



Dear Donna,

I have been working in the OR for 34 years but would like to find a job in the nursing field I can do from home. I’m going to be taking care of my mother in the not too distant future and need more flexibility than my current job allows. Any ideas?

Needs Flexibility

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Needs Flexibility

There are lots of things you can do from home. Some examples would be doing case management, disease management and telephone advice line or triage for an insurance company or private case management or telemedicine company.

You also might look into doing insurance exams for portamedic companies. You would be home-based and do work in your local area on your own time. These are just a few examples.

I suggest you start attending local chapter meetings of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nurses ( as a guest for now. Many nurses who work in the above mentioned specialties belong to AAACN.

Have generic business cards made for yourself with your name, credentials and contact information. Networking is a great way to find opportunities and get interviews. Plus, when there’s something you want to do, it makes sense to start rubbing elbows with those already doing it.

Start attending nursing career fairs. You never know who will be exhibiting there and what opportunities will be presented. This is a good thing to do anyway because it is a great way/place to practice your networking and self-marketing skills which get rusty if you haven’t used them in a while. See what’s coming up in your area ( Read “How to get the most out of attending a career fair” ( for some tips.

Contact some nursing and general employment agencies too. They often get work-from-home (or at least more flexible) nursing positions that are full time, part time or contract.

Consider attending my “Career Alternatives for Nurses’ seminar, too ( or review the home study version ( to fully explore your options
and get up to date with self-marketing and networking skills. The important thing is to just start getting yourself out there in person. You never know from where the idea, information, contact, or opportunity will come.

Best wishes,


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