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Is it necessary to get a master’s degree in nursing informatics before looking for jobs in that specialty?


Dear Donna,

Is it necessary to get a master’s degree in nursing informatics before looking for jobs in that specialty? I have 10 years of nursing experience, and I’m very good with computers. I really don’t want to go back to school at this time if I don’t have to as I already have a BA and BSN.

Interested in Informatics

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Interested in Informatics,

You do not need any additional education to embark on a career in nursing/healthcare informatics. Your nursing credentials and experience, combined with your BA and love of computers is all you need to move forward. Plus, this is a hot and growing specialty for nurses!

Check out the American Nursing Informatics Association ( and the American Medical Informatics Association ( Attend local chapter meetings and events of these associations as a guest. Do some informational interviewing ( with nurses actively working in this specialty.

You can find them online and through the above referenced associations. This is a great way to learn more about the specialty, to expand your professional network and to learn of job openings
and opportunities.

By all means apply to any related classified ads that you find. But don’t hesitate to directly contact any companies that you identify through networking and research that hire nurses in this specialty.

Many jobs never get advertised. These are known as “hidden job” openings. They exist in a company and are not publicly advertised but account for the vast majority of available positions.

Here’s a link to a continuing education course at that you may find helpful: “Jumpstart your career in nursing informatics” (

Best wishes,


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