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End of Shift
0 A broader meaning of wound healing

Wound healing has taken on a broader meaning to me as an ICU nurse at the Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital Regional Burn Center. The healing our patients strive to achieve means not only the physiologic process of wound healing, but also integrates the holistic concept of the interconnectedness of the body, mind, environment and spirit. This concept also extends to our patients’ families.

End of Shift
0 Helping hands — and paws — bring peace

I met N.C. and became her primary nurse a few days after she was placed in the ICU with bilateral pneumonia and a history of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Pulmonologists had been following her as she previously had required biPAP and had significant lung compromise in her history.

End of Shift
0 Pay it forward

Have you had an experience that helped you realize you were part of something bigger and your purpose became crystal clear? I don’t mean moments that make you think about your existence or the vast universe. I mean experiences that help you understand the true essence of being a nurse.

End of Shift
0 Flowers for his wife

On the third anniversary of my 16-year-old daughter Laura’s death, I reported to my 12-hour nightshift in the ICU where I had worked for 21 years. Laura tragically died at home on April 17, 2010, from a seizure caused by Rett syndrome. Although I miss her everyday, the anniversary is especially hard.

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